If you have a goal for yourself, I have a program for you to achieve it.

Any fitness goal you have—from improving your breathing and sleep, to running a half-marathon, to squatting 300 kg—is a goal worth pursuing. If you have a plan for yourself, I have a program for you to achieve it.

Simple mantra: If you don’t quit, you cannot fail. Do not give up, and with time you can overcome anything.

State championships. National championships. Military service. Catastrophic accident. Pronounced dead. An hour later, pronounced alive. Multi-year recovery, physically and mentally. Invictus Games (Australia). Warrior Games (USA). University graduate. Personal trainer. My journey has been hard-fought, more challenging than I would want anyone to have, but I did not quit, and so I did not fail.

A goal, determination and my coaching—with these three things, you can achieve anything. As a trainer with a broad knowledge base and adaptive nature, I am eager for any challenge. From improving your steps per day to undertaking competitive sports, all goals and individuals are essential. I have extensive experience working with a wide range of clients—from individual coaching for weight loss to competitive strength training to team coaching for high-level competition.

Improved breathing, better sleep quality, more energy, personal bests in strength and endurance, faster run time, a better physique, faster recovery, competition prep—I can develop a program for any fitness goals you have.



Fitness fundamentals, including nutrition, training principles and personalised programs (Certificate IV in Fitness).

Strength and conditioning (ASCA-accredited Strength and Conditioning Coach)

Breathing techniques (Oxygen Advantage Advanced Instructor)

Sports and team trainer (Accredited Sports Trainer Level 1)

The Biomechanics Method Corrective exercise specialist 

Rehabilitation and post-injury training

  • Adaptive Strength and Conditioning
  • Adaptive Strength and Conditioning




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My work has me travelling frequently, meaning my access to gym equipment and weights is variable at best and my sleep quality suffered. I thought it would be impossible to improve my strength or muscle mass under such conditions. Jesse took this in his stride and created an interchangeable flexible program that utilises what I have available on any given day. The results: 150 kg squat, 150 kg bench press, 130 kg deadlift. The breathing techniques he imparted to me have also greatly improved my exercise, sleep and general breathing.



Jesse is an exceptional trainer who works hard for his clients. I only had the opportunity to train with Jesse for a relatively short time, but in that time, he was able to help me hit a Squat PB, a wall-sit PB, and had my core feeling stronger than it had in years. Jesse is continually improving and refining his training methods and techniques to get results. I highly recommend Jesse as a personal trainer.