Do you want to die unhealthy, unmotivated, and negative?
Me neither, let’s work on that together.

The passion I have developed for sharing health I believe was passed on from my granddad George. A Personal Trainer in the British Military, and Olympic Gymnast himself, my earliest memories of him are teaching me diaphragmatic breathing, early level gymnastic movements and to sit up straight, stand up straight, lay down straight, etc. Fast forward to secondary school and there I am teaching the other students that asked me, diaphragmatic breathing, early level gym movements and better posture. Working as a personal trainer unbeknownst that it is was even a career.

Moving straight in to the industry after school with my passion to learn all aspects of health I was fortunate enough to land a position with Momentum Fitness (now known as The Training Ground). Going straight into a studio requires a lot of entrepreneurial lessons to be absorbed quickly and after eleven years in the industry and coaching many trainers myself I really believe it is the best path to develop the best trainers. For each client I have helped over the years, educating them on a better way to reach their health potential has also taught me skills outstretching the areas of fitness. I have made new friends, met many inspiring people and work with awesome people everyday. Being asked to buy in to the company in 2017 was a milestone of mine that I would not want to have done anywhere else. The care for our members, the camaraderie in the team, and the passion I witness being instilled in many people everyday shows me that I am where I love, doing what I love for who I love.



When I started training with Josh, I never thought it would turn my life around. He set the foundation for a healthier lifestyle. My way of thinking has improved immensely since he started educating me about health and fitness. He is amazing, I could not recommend him enough.


Josh has changed my whole approach to exercise and nutrition, and through this has helped me implement changes that are getting visible results. He genuinely wants the best outcome for each and every client and has gone out of his way to help me achieve my goals. Josh simply doesn’t know the term “can’t” and each and every time I have thought I can’t do something he has explained to me why I should, shown me that I can or ignored me and kept going! I would absolutely recommend Josh to help anyone achieve their health and fitness goals - no matter how big or small.


Unfortunately for me, I’ve had two operations on my right clavicle this year and was out of physical activity for just over 3 months. And being a very active person beforehand took a hit on my body. I’ve now been training with Josh at The Training Ground for just over six months and I couldn’t be happier. Josh is still helping me smash my goals, getting back my range of movement, and showing me how strong I can be. I now have the best power to weight ratio I have ever had. Nothing but help guidance and explanation from Josh. Cheers Josh and cheers The Training Ground.


Since day one, Josh has been extremely knowledgeable and helped me become more confident in the gym and my workouts. I get as much out of my gym sessions now as I do when I am with him, Josh has given me the tools to be in the gym by myself and know what I need to do. He is friendly and makes the sessions enjoyable, and I hope to continue training him for years to come.


The biggest thing for me is the time Josh takes outside of a session,  regardless of whether it is talking afterwards or me messaging a million questions daily. He will always take the time to speak and answer, explaining whatever needs to be explained. He can make a complex topic easy for a non-specialist to understand. His persistence and want for me to better rubs off and makes me want to be better too. He pushes me to try my best even though I have massive self-doubts, I managed to complete and win an eight-week challenge under Josh's tutelage, and that is something I never thought I could do. He's taught me the importance of hard work, and he certainly practices what he preaches, which makes you respect him so much more not only as a trainer but as a person.

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