Do you want to die unhealthy, unmotivated, and negative?
Me neither, let’s work on that together.

Josh has always loved educating the gift of health. From working as a gymnastics instructor as his first job, taking his school friends through aerobic drills on the oval in grade eight, progressing into waking up his entire dorm room to get in early morning gym sessions. Fitness runs through this mans veins and he says he gets no better high than seeing the progress in the people around him, bringing healthier habits and training into their lifestyle to form their happiest & healthiest selves.

Josh having gone through his own traumas and recovered his way back to the best health of his life says "If you don't know, find out!" Josh has always been curious about what he doesn't know and in the ten years he has been with The Training Ground we have seen him train an array of clientele to their goals.

Josh's most proud client achievements:

- Helped countless amounts of people with Weightless & Muscle Gain & educating them on healthier

  lifestyle options to improve the chance of sustainability.

- Teaching a Cheerleader the back somersault and introducing her to the gym (she is now a WBBF PRO Bikini      Champion).

- Nurtured a BMX rider that broke his hip and arm in a motorbike accident gaining back his conditioning and

  returning to compete in the sport. He still competes for Australia to this day as if the injuries never occurred.

- Guided a friend with a shattered hip from a motorbike accident not only to recover but defy the doctors &              become conditioned enough to take up Muaythai and excel in the sport.

- The massage and physical training he gives people daily for posture changes.

- The Triathlete, Running, AFL, Soccer, Rugby, Bodybuilding offseason personalised training programs he has        written for clubs & individuals.

- Pre & Post Natal Mothers and training safely.

- An athlete that was known for his speed get even faster after 2 knee surgeries.


Josh is currently managing clients all around Australia and Internationally through his online program software.

... and looking forward to the next clients with unique goals to add to the list.



- Certificate III & IV in Fitness

- Certificate IV in Massage

- Level I Boxfit Instructor

- Diploma in Business and Marketing



When I started training with Josh I never thought it would turn my life around, he set the foundation for a healthier lifestyle and my way of thinking has improved immensely since he started educating me about health and fitness. He is amazing, I could not recommend him enough.


Josh has changed my whole approach to exercise and nutrition and through this has helped me implement changes that are getting visible results. He genuinely wants the best outcome for each and every client and has gone out of his way to help me achieve my goals. Josh simply doesn’t know the term “can’t” and each and every time I have thought I can’t do something he has explained to me why I should, shown me that I can or ignored me and kept going! I would absolutely recommend Josh to help anyone achieve their health and fitness goals - no matter how big or small.


Unfortunately for me I’ve had two operations on my right clavicle this year and was out of physical activity for just over 3 months. And being a very active person beforehand took a hit on my body. I’ve now been training with Josh at The Training Ground for just over six months and I couldn’t be happier. Josh is still helping me smash my goals, getting back my range of movement, and showing me how strong I can be. I now have the best power to weight ratio I have ever had. Nothing but help guidance and explanation from Josh. Cheers Josh and cheers The Training Ground.


Since day one Josh has been extremely knowledgable and helped me become more confident in the gym and with the workouts I do. I get as much out of my own gym sessions now as I do when I am with him, Josh has given me the tools to be in the gym by myself and know what I need to do. He is friendly, makes the sessions enjoyable and I hope to continue training with him for years to come.


The biggest thing for me is the time Josh takes outside of a session regardless if it is talking afterwards or me messaging a million questions daily, he will always take the time to talk and answer, explaining whatever needs to be explained. He can make a complex topic easy for a layman to understand. His persistence and want for me to be better rubs off and makes me want to be better too. He pushes me to try my best even though I have massive self doubts, I managed to complete and win an 8 week challenge under Josh's tutelage and that is something I never thought I could do. He's taught me the importance of hard work and he certainly practices what he preaches which makes you respect him so much more not only as a trainer but as a person.

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