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Phillip Grouls has been in the fitness industry since 2009 and in that time has helped hundreds of clients of all ages, shapes and sizes reach their health and fitness goals. He has worked with many high end clients ranging from Actors on award winning television shows to CEO’s of some of Australia’s largest companies.

Phil has extensive experience working with weight-loss, functional muscle development, strength training, rehab & injury prevention, boxing, kick-boxing and pre/post natal.

Clients will be taken through a level system of exercises from 1 all the way to 7 as their strength and fitness levels improve. This keeps clients motivated, builds a solid foundation at the start, prevents injury by not progressing too quickly and integrates the body in a way that builds real strength for the long term.

Phil has a strong passion for learning and is constantly updating his skills in nutrition, biomechanics and physiology. He believes noticeable results should be occurring within 2-4 weeks and rarely sees this not to be the case. In this time clients can expect to move more efficiently, notice some weight-loss, (If this is the goal) see some strength gains and improvements in fitness levels.


  • Cert. III and IV in Fitness

  • Functional Patterns Human Foundations Practitioner

  • Senior Level 2 First Aid

  • Certified Rehab Trainer

  • Certified Bio-mechanics Specialist

  • Certified Elite Nutrition Coach

  • Certified Preggi-Bellies Exercise for Pregnancy and Post Natal

  • Functional Patterns - Human Foundations 10 wk course

  • Intro to Cellular Physiology Course

  • Mixed Martial Arts Conditioning Certificate

  • Integrated Speed Agility Quickness Certificate

  • Integrated Resistance Training Certificate

  • Integrated Flexibility Training Certificate

  • Integrated Core Training Certificate

  • Level 1 Kettle-bells

  • Platinum Health Solutions
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Nearly two years ago, I made the decision to put my health first. I was 130kg and had a blood pressure reading of 140/95, I had little energy and even less motivation toward health and exercise.
Training with Phill has been an experience that has completely changed my life for the better. I’m now 101 kg, having lost 29kg and now just 1kg away from my 100 kg milestone!
With Phill’s support, I have regained my energy, I feel fantastic and have a new and fresh outlook on life and training.
I’ll never look back and will be staying with Phill for the long haul! If you’re looking for a PT who is truly passionate and caring toward his clients and who delivers results, I’d definitely recommend Phill Grouls!


From doing Phill's class for one month I managed to lose 6kg! Thanks to Phill and everyone else in the class. With the women who have joined the class they have supported me and have continued my motivation to keep doing it.