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Updated: Apr 26, 2019

Who doesn’t want more energy right? In this post we take you through some reasons why your energy levels may be suffering a little. We won’t go into the science of what energy is in too much detail (we will in another post) but for a basic understanding:

"Each cell has powerhouses called mitochondria where energy is created through a number of chemical processes. Knowing this, it would make sense to make sure the quadrillions of mitochondria in us are healthy and functioning correctly."

A quick google search of 'The Kreb Cycle' is how you can begin diving into the science of energy creation for anyone interested.

But let us get straight to the major things that have a negative impact on mitochondrial function and everyday energy levels.

ARTIFICIAL BLUE LIGHT – Our cells have been biologically evolving with one major thing in common for millions of years, That the sun is the only source of light! Until a very clever human discovered fire, lights out meant lights out. In today’s world this is no longer the case with lights blasting from our laptop screens, phones, tv’s, fluorescents, LED lighting and so much more! The cells hate this as these lights reduce the cells ability to function optimally and negatively impact our natural body clocks.

NOT ENOUGH SLEEP – If sleep was not vital, it would have been devolved out of our systems long before we took up the security of caves and townships. Humans literally had to become vulnerable to the elements and predators for hours on end to ensure adequate recovery of bodily functions. Not getting enough quality (deep) sleep is an issue that is all too common and has a massive impact on cellular function and our energy levels.

INSULIN AND LEPTIN RESISTANCE – These two hormones have a big impact on energy levels and body composition. If the receptors of these two are resistant rather than sensitive you will have a hard time feeling good throughout the day.

WEIGHT-LOSS – This is a huge one! You always hear of people losing weight and feeling so light and full of energy. I have had clients who’ve lost 30 kg (this was achieved in 6 months) and boast tremendous energy differences... Duuuuhhhhh. A 30kg weight is heavy!! When that is on your body constantly that is very draining; In short, the lighter you are the less energy your body has to make for you to move around all day.

What steps get your energy skyrocketing?

  1. LOSE WEIGHT! If you are overweight. This should be the absolute priority! Weight loss tips will be saved for another post.

  2. PROTECT YOURSELF FROM BLUE-LIGHT after sunset! Keep your environment as dark as possible once the sun is down. When a ‘must watch’ movie, late night emails or all of your social media scrolling forces you to look at screens, wearing blue light blocking glasses is a fantastic way to bypass that harmful light exposure.

  3. STOP EATING CRAPPY CARBS! Good fat options for energy include grass-fed butter, ghee and foods higher in monounsaturated fat like avocado and omega-3 fats like fatty fish. Good carb options aren't your commonly overindulged breads and pasta's. Instead use: vegetables, fruits, seeds and legumes for your carb sources because they contain the energy along with various vitamins and minerals to help your body thrive.

  4. GIVE YOUR ORGANS A BREAK! Digesting food means using your bodies energy, so the more that needs digesting = more energy used. That being said the answer isn't consume less, it is consume smart. Hopefully you are taking on board point three to help you receive good, energy rich foods. When you do this your body should feel energised after eating. If you are feeling hungry or tired shortly after eating use that as an indication that your previous meal wasn’t satisfying/replenishing enough.

  5. GET MORE SLEEP! At least seven to eight hours a night and remember to cut the lights as this will help you sleep much better.

The Training Ground would like to thank Phil for putting this post together for us and he has mentioned that he'd be more than happy to answer any questions you may have regarding this topic or anything that is on your mind. Please let him know by responding to this post or visiting his website to get in touch.

Author: Phillip Grouls

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