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Summer is officially here in just eight weeks. We want to help you get into the best shape and create healthy habits to get you through life!

The last person standing challenge has a few criteria that need meeting each week to go into the final cash draw. To partake in this eight-week challenge, email or tell one of our excellent trainers so that they can begin setting your plan.


  • Three workouts each week: can be any exercise with a higher intensity than a walk. Please take a photo or screenshot of the workout and share it on social media. Tagging @traininggroundbne must be done! and you can add the hashtag #lastpersonstanding

  • Twenty kilometres must also be completed weekly, tracked through strava and shared to social media, tagging @traininggroundbne with the hashtag #lastpersonstanding.

  • You can use a workout aimed at chipping away the weekly kilometre target as one of the three workouts needed each week.

Failure to tag The Training Ground means we might not see your workout, and you could get knocked out of the competition.

If you fail to meet the criteria week to week, that removes you from the contention of winning the final cash prize; however, that does not mean you shouldn't keep up these fantastic habits leading into summer. If, after eight weeks, only one person remains, then they win the challenge and the cash. However, if there are more of you standing at the end, we hope everyone who starts the challenges goes the entire eight weeks; the most improved body composition score will decide the winner. Inbody scans are completed September the 7th, at The Training Ground, between 6:30 am - 8 am, and then again on November 2nd (the second day of summer, whoo!) The most improved score will win (total score at the top right hand of the piece of paper).


Once again, to partake in this eight-week challenge that will create healthy habits and get you ready to show off that summer body, email or tell one of our excellent trainers.


Entry costs $70 ($20 towards the end of the challenging party, $50 to add to the cash prize pot).

The end of the challenge party will be on the 13th of November so keep that afternoon free!


If you aren't thinking about doing it, the time will pass anyway, and summer is only a few weeks away; therefore, you may as well join in. You could win! And attend our epic Training Ground party at the end.




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