The Training Ground is a professional and friendly gym where you can work alongside some of the best personal trainers in the business to achieve the body you want or join in on our exciting Ground Rounds circuits! Our expertise is diverse, offering particular plans for each client to fit into your lifestyle.


Gym Membership

Utilise our space to improve your fitness. On weekdays between 6 am - 7 pm, we will have a qualified trainer on site ready to help you with your workouts/program.

Cost: $15 per week

Pete conducting a GR class

Ground Rounds - Small Group PT

The most convenient inner-city Bootcamp is available. Our trainers take their time programming the best stations to cater to all fitness levels that ensure you are getting a great workout. Our stations focus on the word ‘fitness’ on a ‘whole’ approach, increasing your current cardio, strength, mobility and flexibility to help create a fitter/ healthier you.

Cost: $25 per week

Pete working with Ben

Personal Training

We go through a three-step hiring method to ensure we only sub-contract the best Personal Trainers for our members to utilise. With weekly meetings and education workshops we guarantee our trainers stay up to date on the latest and greatest knowledge in the fitness industry. Each trainer is in control of their own business within our facility and for that reason all vary in price depending on the value they will provide for you.

Cost: ranges from $70 to $120 per session


Bundle Our Packages 

Save money and make the studio your second home with all the time you can spend here. Utilise our popular Ground Rounds stations and also have the ability to come in and do extras during the day by combining our two membership options. Saving you $10 a week and getting a whopping 65 hours of available exercising times, it is easy to understand why this is our most popular membership option.

Cost: $30 per week