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"Progress over Perfection, Start now not later"

Everything you know and have done up until now has gotten you where you are today, if that is not where you want to be then continuing to do the same thing won't get you there. “Progress over Perfection, Start now, not later” Since 2010 Peter has been helping people with their goals, willing to share everything he has learnt to educate those he trains. As a father of two Peter can’t stress more how important health is not only for you but for your family, for this reason he wants to be the beacon of health to all those he crosses paths with. No matter what the story or what level you're at currently, stepping forward is always the right one. Pete specialises in Boxing Bootcamps, Weight loss, Hypertrophy and High Intensity Interval Training.


- Certificate lll in Fitness 

- Certificate IV in Fitness

- Punchfit Level I Instructor 

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For as long as I can remember I've had lower back issues from working behind a desk, I was always lazy at the gym and found I had no energy or motivation. At 30, I decided that I wanted a change to become the best version of myself mentally and physically. With Pete's help we did a 6 week challenge and I went from 24.1% to 18.4% body fat. In total I lost 2kg's of fat and gained 1kg in muscle. Never in my life did I think I could achieve this in 6 weeks, and I have Pete to thank. He helped me to become stronger and fitter, my lower back is no longer aching and my posture has improved immensely. Besides improving my physical side, he pushed me to be mentally stronger and educated me on health and fitness. I went from having a bad relationship with food and thinking eating less calories meant weight loss. How wrong I was, I'm now leaner and I have more energy to train harder.

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