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Gym Membership
Josh, Pete & the Canadian Beach Volleyball girls

Gym Membership

Our members say it is like a family here; they love the friendliness and feeling. Come and experience our semi-private, 24-hour gym in the heart of Brisbane City to get the workout you want with our convenient space. 

Price: $16.22 per week

Ground Rounds
Ground Rounds Area.HEIC

Ground Rounds - Small Group PT

The most convenient inner-city classes are available here! Our trainers prime the best stations to cater to all fitness levels, ensuring a great workout. Focusing on the word ‘fitness’ on a ‘whole’ approach, increasing your current cardio, strength, mobility and flexibility to help create a fitter/ healthier you.

This membership option covers Monday-Friday classes only; therefore, it is the preferred Class Membership for those who only come in during weekdays.

Price: $27.04 per week


Everything & The Kitchen Sink

We gave this membership a silly name because it is laughable how much value this preferred membership offers.

With 24/7 gym access and unlimited use of classes seven days a week, you can enjoy all our gym offerings at one convenient weekly cost.

Price: $32.45 per week

Pete Personal Training.HEIC

Personal Training

We have coached many of Brisbane's top Personal Trainers and aim to continue producing those industry-leading trainers. Our trainers maintain cutting-edge industry knowledge, and we ensure that if you have a goal, they can create a plan to help you achieve it.

Premium Memberships
A Member utilising our gym equipment.

Membership Add-ons 

Add our premium services to your regular membership at fantastic rates to maximise the value you get from all The Training Ground can offer. Follow the button to peruse our premium offerings.

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