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Gym Membership
Josh, Pete & the Canadian Beach Volleyball girls

Unlimited Gym Use

Our members describe it as a second family, thriving on the warmth and camaraderie. With seamless entry and no lock-in contract, you can make the most of our facility at any hour that suits you. Nestled in the heart of Brisbane City, our semi-private, 24-hour gym offers the perfect haven for your workouts. Join now or enquire today to be welcomed into a space where achieving your fitness goals becomes convenient and enjoyable.


Price: $19.90 per week

*Discounted memberships are available for off-peak gym goers and lock-in terms; click enquire to join those.

Glimpse of Group Class Area

Small Group Classes

The epitome of convenience! Limited to just 8 participants per class to ensure personalised attention from our expert coaches, we meticulously craft to accommodate all fitness levels and medical limitations, providing an effective workout for everyone. Emphasising a holistic approach to fitness, we target all aspects to foster a pain-free, fitter, and healthier you.

Classes run seven days a week, but this membership option only grants access to weekday bookings, catering to the weekday-focused CBD lifestyle. 


Price: $39.85 per week

*For unrestricted class access, explore our popular unrestricted membership below.

*Casual participation is also welcome if you click the Class Schedule and book the class you want to try.

The Class Group After A Sunday Class

Unrestricted Member

Our most cost-effective and preferred membership. Casual and Weekend Classes cost $10 per booking on all other membership options; however, with our unrestricted membership, enjoy unlimited gym use and seven days of classes bundled into one convenient weekly price, spots permitting, you never have to worry about missing a class or a time to use the gym. 

Price: $44.60 per week

Coach Pete Training a member

Personal Training

Elevate your lifestyle with our team of elite personal trainers committed to fostering excellence. We continuously cultivate industry-leading coaches to help you achieve more. Armed with cutting-edge insights and expertise, our team specialises in strength building, weight management, improved performance, and rehabilitation. Whatever your goal, our committed coaches guide you towards success.

Premium Memberships
A Member utilising our gym equipment.

Advance Your Plan With Our Add-ons

Finding the perfect fitness plan for everyone is a challenge, but our model comes incredibly close! Customise your membership with our range of add-ons to maximise the benefits we provide. As Brisbane's only gym with a flawless rating, our commitment to personalisation ensures that every member can receive tailored support and resources.

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