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Josh alleviatng hip pain
Screen example from the Trainheroic App
Pete training a client using the Leg Press

Customise your support and resources using our Add-ons to ensure you are maximising your health.


Screen example from the Trainheroic App

Envision following a personalised program that is fine-tuned and updated weekly to propel you towards your goals, all accessible on your phone. Whether in the gym, at home, without equipment, or on the go, this planning adapts to your needs. Partner with a coach to refine your plan and achieve optimal results

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Pete coaching boxing

Harness the expertise of our professionals to boost your motivation, sessions, and planning or engage in personalised one-on-one consultations. Seamlessly integrate these services into your membership for unparalleled convenience and exceptional value. Instead of sporadically seeking advice at the gym, opt for the following check-in add-ons to receive dedicated attention from our esteemed coaches.

4-week Check-ins


12-week Check-ins


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Your Membership


Josh alleviatng hip pain

Benefit from Josh's refined remedial massage technique, honed over a decade of experience in accelerating recovery, improving flexibility, and alleviating aches and pains for countless individuals. Revered in Brisbane as the go-to expert for body restoration, Josh operates exclusively at The Training Ground. Secure an appointment to prioritize your recovery as diligently as your training regimen.

$85per appointment

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Tanita Body Composition Analyser

Unlock insights into your health and fitness journey with our Body Composition Analysis. Accessing personalised data to set goals, track progress, and stay motivated. The information that can be sent and stored on your phone can monitor key metrics beyond weight for your holistic approach to wellness:

  • Body Weight

  • Segmental Body Fat Percentage

  • Segmental Muscle Mass

  • Body Type

  • Bone Mass 

  • Visceral Fat

  • Basal Metabolic Rate

  • Metabolic Age

  • Body Water Percentage

  • Heart Rate

  • Muscle Quality

  • BMI

*Free for Personal Training Clientele.

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