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Pete training a client using the Leg Press

Get the most out of our services by engaging in a premium membership. Incorporate massage, online programs, or regular check-ins with a Personal Trainer to improve your results.


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Forced to respond quickly once the world was thrust into quarantine to protect the health of the many, we linked up with TrainHeroic and started creating programs for you to follow online. Whether you are at home, equipment-less, travelling and needing workout solutions, or you would much prefer to follow our coaches' programs within the gym. We have them ready, any goal, any location. All you need is your phone, and our workouts and programs can be there.

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Leverage professional knowledge to increase your motivation, sessions, planning, or even pick their brain 1-on-1. You can include these costs to your membership for ease and incredible value. You know how good our coaches are. Instead of trying to bleed information from them in passing at the gym, get their devoted attention on you with our 4-weekly or 12-weekly check-up add-ons. 

4-week Check-ins


12-week Check-ins



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Josh's remedial massage technique has been finely tuned with over a decade of speeding up recovery, enhancing flexibility, and relieving aches and pains in hundreds of bodies. Josh has forged enormous respect within Brisbane as the guy to see if you want to get your body fixed. Only working out of The Training Ground you can book an available appointment to ensure you recover as well as you train.

$85per appointment

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