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Wave 4

We are proud of what Tamika achieved in as little as eight weeks.

Tamika entered the challenge unsure of her goals but knowing she wanted to feel more comfortable and confident within her body.

Living out in Ipswich, she attends local group classes most mornings, and that was about all she could commit to regarding regular exercise. Tamika is a very busy individual who cannot simply bring home-cooked lunches to work because of security reasons. That left dinner being the only meal of the day she was in control of, which can be a challenge for anyone. This challenge was about equipping Tamika with the knowledge of what fuel her body needs and how it responds when lowering calories and macronutrients correctly.

Week one for everyone is to log what they usually consume, and then the coach can work with the person from there. We have found this to be the greatest way to teach actionable changes around people's lifestyle preferences quickly, and this is why we repeatedly see such fast results. In week one, Tamika was in a 1002kcal deficit to what her body needed; by week eight, we had narrowed that gap to just a 223kcal deficit and dramatically improved her micronutrient consumption along with enhancing the macronutrient ratios that she was regularly consuming.

Tamika said in her Post Challenge Review, "Within 8 weeks, I've not only changed my body physically, I've changed my entire mindset!


Inspiring the "Girl gang" at her local gym to join our next challenge, Tamika now aims to be "a fit gal that can run" and has started regularly running, which she never thought she would do.

All of you runners out there, watch out for her at SEQ events soon  😅.

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