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Challenge Winners
Sam Front Before and After
Sam Side Before and After

Our first male winner since the inception of this Challenge, Sam, showed intense focus during this 8-week challenge. We are thrilled that he found his stride and excelled. This is not Sam's first challenge, but he believes he has now learned what it takes to achieve consistent success in his body composition.


Using the BIA scanner at our gym, we discovered more than just visual changes. Sam's metabolic age dropped by a decade!😲That's remarkable. He essentially became ten years younger in 8 weeks🤯.


Sam mentioned that adequate fueling before and after workouts and better training opportunities were key to his success. He was often the first person here in the mornings, sometimes even coming twice daily.


Sam told his Coach, Pete, that this was the best thing he had ever done and that Cronometer and Trainheroic were the best apps on his phone! He loved the information he learned and that he could track his progress effectively. The program Pete gave him, and the ability to see his previous performance also helped him push harder in the gym and get more out of his workouts.

Well done Sam, you smashed it!

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