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Challenge Winners
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Kayla was introduced to this challenge by her friend Zac and received guidance from Pete, her coach. Reflecting on her journey, Kayla expressed astonishment at her accomplishments during the challenge. "I was shocked at what I could achieve in 8 weeks."

Although Kayla had previous experience working with trainers and a nutritionist, she recognised that accountability was the missing ingredient.  At the outset, Pete and Kayla delved into her "why" - a driving force she could cling to each day, which Kayla credits as pivotal to her success. Determined, she committed to abstaining from alcohol throughout the challenge, a feat she had never before achieved for an extended period...

She did it! Not a drop of alcohol.

"Pete is a bloody legend. He was very supportive. He gave me a few tips regarding supplements and what to add to my diet. I absolutely loved the app and being able to see all the different vitamin levels etc. It was a good challenge for me to try to get above 90% in my nutrition score each day," Kayla shared.

Kayla initially believed she had only lost 6.2 kg because that is what the scales were telling her. However, Dexa scan results conducted eight weeks apart revealed an impressive gain of 3.3 kg in muscle mass and a significant reduction of 6.9% in total body fat. This meant her true fat loss result was 10.87 kg. Kayla finished the challenge with a whopping 10.87 kg of body fat off her body. This achievement is remarkable, especially as it was achieved sustainably with a method that can easily be maintained.

This challenge aims to teach people sustainable habits that they can continue. When asked how confident she felt about applying what she had learned to achieve long-term success, Kayla responded,  "Very! I just need to keep focused."

Kayla is going back-to-back with our challenge and is eager to continue her journey in the hope of maintaining and further improving her health. We are excited to witness the fit, thriving Kayla six to twelve months from now, continuing the great habits she has established.

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